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Adorable Luna and Caipirinha are two dogs with an unbreakable friendship. And it recently showed. The two sweet dogs’ owner, Julieta Firpo, was recently surprised after Luna strolled into the house sopping wet.

Adorable 14-year-old Luna is not as adventurous as she once was after she her eyesight started fading. This made it more odd for Firpo, as Luna is not one who would suddenly decide to go for a swim in their pool. 

However, it turns out that Luna had, but not by choice. Firpo decided to review her security cam footage of the pool area to see if she can see what happened. The security footage showed that poor Luna had accidentally fallen into the water and was unable to navigate her way out by herself. 

Caipirinha saw that her best friend was in real danger of drowning and rushed to her rescue.

Watch the adorable life saving moment below. 

"We watched the video and couldn't believe it.” Caipirinha came to save her senior sister in trouble and did everything possible to guide the confused senior dog toward the shallow end of the pool. When she reached the shallow end Caipirinha pulled Luna to safety by her collar.

Seeing the danger, Firpo has now decided to block off the pool so such an accident doesn't happen again. "Caipirinha was already the darling of the house. Now, she's our hero."

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