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Millions of animals are left by their owners, and left in shelters for new families to adopt. Some puppies grow up in shelters, hoping to one day be able to be adopted by a loving family – that was the case for adorable little Vincente.  

The heartbreaking photo shows how the adorable puppy eagerly waits for his new family to collect him as he is dressed up in a cute tuxedo to make a good first impression. However, his dreams was shattered as they did not even show up.

Little Vincente was dressed and groomed and ready to go to his new home. Sadly, the owners never arrived.

Colombian animal charity, Fundación Rescátame, said that the supposed adopters cancelled at the last minute. This leaves the little one ready for a new home once again.

The charity shared the cute picture of Vincente on Instagram, and wrote: "Vincente was left all dressed up and excited, ready for adoption. His supposed adopter never came to pick him up. Just as he was ready for a home, all bathed, they cancelled the adoption."

Several animals are given hope by new possible owners who agree to give a loving home to the adorable animals, and then just do not show up. "And then they ask us how come we're so strict with the adoption process – this is why! Because we don't want to have any doubts that our furry friends will be in excellent hands for life. If you want to adopt, keep in mind that the commitment is for always, animals are not things you can have when you feel like getting a dog," the charity continued.

However, the heartbreaking post led up to thousands of likes and comments with hundreds of people offering to give Vincente a home.

The charity added that "We are happily surprised that Vicente has come this far."

Vincente has been seen all over the world, with the charity confirming that "People have written to us from Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Peru, and many more Latin American countries to tell us that they saw Vicente and the foundation and want to be part of this story. Thank you!"

Just like Vicente, there are many furry friends out there in the world looking for a great home to be a part of, and hopefully all of them will get the opportunity to know what a loving home feels like.

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