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Whether your child is a toddler, a teen or a full-grown adult – being a parent means saying "no"... a lot. 

This isn't because you want to upset your children by denying them what they want. Usually the word "no" is used by mothers to protect their children and make sure they are healthy. Every parent wants their child to grow up into a beautiful, decent human being – and that requires drawing a line every now and then.

Why? Well, because if your kid asks you if they can jump off of a two-story building with an umbrella – you have to say no. They can cry all they want but at least it's proof that they're alive!

This mother tries out what sounds like a compelling psych experiment – she only says "yes" to her children for a whole week. That means that every crazy request they have, every strange meal they want to eat, every annoying little thing they want to do that you hate... you have to agree! 

Sounds absolutely terrifying!

Would you be able to do this experiment with your children??

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