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Date: 2018-10-19

Low on cash or just looking to stand out of the Christmas crowd this festive season? Well, here's a quick, easy and cheap DIY Christmas tree and decorations to bring home the festive spirit.

The Artificial Dowel/Stick Stack DIY Christmas Tree

This is super easy to do and very inexpensive. Start by making the stand. Use a hot glue gun and glue one long and two shorter dowels or sticks from your garden together so they form a cross. The shorter ones must be half the length of the long one. (You can buy dowels from your local hardware store.)

Now start gluing the dowels on top of each other, starting with the longest one at the bottom, depending on how long your bottom of the tree poles are you can go as tall or small as you like. Once you’re done and the glue is completely dry, paint or spray paint the tree in any colour you want. Add a star or any top decoration of your choice and leave as is for a simplistic look or decorate with any and all Christmas tree decorations you may have lying around.

See? Easy! Click play below for 14 other easy-to-make Christmas decorations. Ho ho ho!

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