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Adorable Cornish Cross rooster named Boo, was rescued by his loving human from the meat industry. Boo is now happily living out his days at home with his human, and has even adopted the title of being the family dog. 

“He’s such a fun little person with a very unique personality he loves life and is just so excited for every day. I’m very lucky to know him.”

Back in 2017, Boo’s human adopted him right before Halloween after discovering the horrible living conditions Boo had to endure. “I had heard about Boo from a friend on a Facebook Group. She had posted a link to an awful Craigslist ad. Boo’s situation was really sad and I knew I had to rescue him.”

Despite his rocky start in the beginning of his life, Boo has since flourished. He enjoys running around the house, snuggling with his human, rides around in a doggie stroller, and most of all, the trips he goes on with his human.

“Boo loves road trips car rides and walks in his stroller. He’s been to the beach.  He’s even been to the Lincoln  Memorial in Washington, DC. …I had boo in his stroller and we got to the memorial and there was a “no dog” sign. I decided to try it. I think the guard on duty just didn’t know what to do …well he’s not a dog and he’s wearing a diaper so we took our pictures quickly and got out of the way.”

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