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It's love story time! Well, technically delving into the lives of complete strangers that ends in a love story.

Actress Rosey Blair boarded a plane unaware that she would become a matchmaker by simply swapping seats with someone. Rosey had asked a woman to switch seats with her so that her and her boyfriend could sit together. The woman obliged, and Rosey jokingly commented to her boyfriend, ‘I hope she meets the love of her life.’ It was almost like a classic Freaky Friday moment because as soon as she said this, a man sat down next to the woman and the two started talking.

Their conversation escalated and Rosey felt that she had to fulfil her civic match making duty for all of the nosey people out there and live tweet... THE WHOLE THING! The man in the love story actually turned out to be former soccer pro Euan Holden.

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