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As president of the United States, there are some things you can’t do. It does make sense since you’re seen as the most powerful person in the world and sort of important. Does that mean you can do whatever you want to once you’re not in office anymore? Oh no, definitely not.

Believe it or not, but there are still some rules former presidents have to follow.

While you won’t have to sit in traffic or worry about whether your drivers’ license has expired, as a former president of the United States you aren’t allowed to drive yourself around. That’s because former presidents get secret service protection for the rest of their lives.

They are at least able to drive around on their own property, but not on public roads at all.

So, you’re a former president and you want to order something completely private without anyone knowing? Sorry, that’s not allowed.

Every single parcel, whether a letter or a courier parcel, is checked by a specialised explosives agent to ensure it’s not dangerous. As recently as 2018, explosives were sent to both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, but it was intercepted by the specific agents before it was delivered to the former presidents.

While it might be extremely frustrating if you want to order something private or even naughty, it must be nice to know that someone is looking out for you.

Do you ever feel like going for a run to clear your head or just meeting a friend for a drink whenever you want to? Well, former presidents aren’t that lucky. Because all former presidents get secret service protection for life, they are always surrounded by people, often strangers on duty.

No surprise visits or spur of the moment trips, everything needs to be planned out in advance to ensure the former president’s safety.

Just because you’re the retired former commander in chief and you get all the perks that go with it, you are still required to follow certain rules.

Check out the Grunge video below for other rules that former presidents have to follow.

Image credit: DNA India

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