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Russian Youtuber, Maxim Monakhov, shared a video to his official page showing his way of trying the volcanic reaction created with coca-cola and baking soda.

However, we all have tried to pour a little baking soda in a 2-litre or less Coke bottle, but this was not the case for Maxim as he took it to a whole new level.

He announced his plan that he has been working on for quite some time in one of his previous Instagram posts.

"We poured 10,000 litres of cola and mixed it with soda. Yes, it would seem such an absurd and useless thing – but for me, it means a lot," read the caption of the video.

The video below shows the amazing reaction between the thousands of litres Coca-Cola and baking soda, as a huge explosion of the favourite drink rocket into the sky. That field must be awfully sticky...

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