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While his character, Borat, is known to be a bit of a dodgy guy, the actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, seems to be pretty normal.

Well, that’s what we thought until we saw the Jimmy Kimmel interview he did recently… all in the name of good fun of course.

In previous interviews, the English actor has spoken about the message behind the movie Borat Subsequent Movie Film, and how he was trying to highlight how those in power use criminality to get ahead.

In typical Baron Cohen style, the actor’s phone rings just as he touches on the subject again. The interruption? Oh, just Bono phoning to order a vaccine.

During the hilarious interview, other celebs like Tom Cruise and Kanye West also phone to place their orders, with Kanye changing his order from six to one.

When Kimmel asks the question of whether the actor shouldn’t be focusing on his possible Oscar win for his role as Borat in Borat Subsequent Movie Film, the actor drops a hint that the illegal selling of vaccines is his Oscar campaign, and that none of the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be getting Covid soon.

Chaos ensues when the actor’s wife, actress Isla Fischer, joins in on the fun and the police show up.

Watch the funny Jimmy Kimmel Live interview below.

Image credit: CNN

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