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If it's funny moments you're looking for, then Sara Paulson is the most likely to get you laughing.

Sara Paulson began working as an actress right out of high school and one of her first appearances was for the Horton Foote play Talking Pictures at the Signature Theatre, as well as in an episode of Law & Order in 1994.

Since then Sara has risen to stardom with her fun and witty personality, natural beauty and her infamous impressions. Back in May this year, Sara showed off her killer impressions of Holly Hunter, Drew Barrymore and even a Dolphin on The Jimmy Fallon show.

Sara admitted that she didn't think it would be a potential problem for the actors who might get offended by her impressions of them. However, when Paulson ran into Drew Barrymore at Ellen Degenerous's 60th birthday bash, she realized what she had done and feared Barrymore would dislike her for it, however being a comedian herself, Drew laughed about it with Sara. Despite the Barrymore thumbs-up, Paulson said she is expanding her repertoire to animals because “you don’t have to worry about running into them at a party.”


On a separate note, some of you might not know that Sara Paulson has a 75-year-old Girlfriend, Holland Taylor, and no its not like a best friend girlfriend, but a girlfriend as in lover... the two have an age gap of 32 years. You know, as they say, love has no boundaries, and it has never been more true that right now in the 21st century.

You might know Taylor from the sitcom, Two and a Half Men, where she played Charlie's mother, Evelyn Harper. Sara and Holland met at a dinner party in 2005, however only started dating in 2015. Both Sarah and Taylor have been very open about their relationship and have never failed to express their love for each other. They constantly send adorable messages to each other on Twitter. They made their debut on the red carpet in January this year at the Critics’ Choice Awards and it seems their love is overflowing.

Here's something we dare you not to laugh at – Sara Paulson's funniest moments.

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