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Date: 2018-12-03

Going on the Internet can be an overwhelming experience, and there's a good reason why, there are 1.

8 billion websites as of January 2018, although, if you have a reason for surfing the web such as employment or shopping it can be less overwhelming.

However, there are people out there looking for something outside of the realm of normality and that's where the Internet can be quite scary.

So, what are the websites that can satisfy the need to see something bizarre, strange or even frightening? Well, number one on the list would be theoccultmuseum.com which is a fairly new website packed with creepy content. Established in 2015, the website claims their collection of content to be strange, macabre and supernatural and covers a wide variety of paranormal topics, haunted places, supernatural destinations and mythic monsters. It also features true crime articles, serial killers, unsolved crimes and mysterious disappearances.

In addition, the occult museum features 'true' stories submitted by readers, some being ghost stories and urban legends while others are first-hand accounts of strange, unexplained and/or disturbing events.

See the video for more websites you probably shouldn't visit, but probably will out of pure curiosity ;)

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