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The events of World War II not only left behind trauma and emotional scars in families of people who fought, but also left the small village of Łupków in Poland almost completely destroyed. 

After years only a few remnants of this small settlement still remain, including the foundation of a church, a bell tower, and an abandoned cemetery. 

These markers have been reclaimed by nature in some of the most beautiful ways after being left unattended for decades. However, one of the most interesting things that stands out from all of them is a sculpture of Jesus that has slowly been absorbed into the trunk of a tree.

By looking at the distinctive style and pose of the small black statue, it used to be a standard depiction of Jesus on the cross. But, over the years being in the abandoned village and cemetery, the surrounding forest has slowly taken over this small piece, leaving only the head, torso, and thighs visible to the viewer. 

But not only the statue has become one with nature. Nearby, wooden crosses that were used to indicate graves have also merged with trees. Most of the headstones of the grave are camouflaged in moss and tall leaves. 

The last people that were buried at this lost cemetery were soldiers who fought in WWII. At least we can say that everything has been given new life by nature. 

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