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The once forgotten, Lost Gardens of Heligan has become one of the UK's most popular gardens. This garden holds unique features, now open to all, after being left untouched for 75 years. 

The garden, located in Cornwall, was only rediscovered in the 1990s, after being abandoned since World War I. It underwent a complete transformation, which has made it popular today. Some of the most fascinating features of the botanical gardens are two sculptures. Made from clay, rocks and plants, they were installed on the grounds while the property underwent work. These magnificent sculptures, which are now one with nature, were created by local artists and brother and sister, Pete and Sue Hill. 

Known as Mud Maid and The Giant's Head, these enchanting sculptures were installed in 1997. 

It took the Hill duo three weeks to complete The Giant's Head. The structure was constructed around the upturned rootball of a fallen tree. To give the head form, Pete and Sue mixed local clay with water and then spread it over the rootball. They also used a local invasive weed to form tThe Giant's green "skin".

With the different weeds and flowers surrounding the sculptures, these figures have been given life, changing as the seasons' change. 

For the hair of The Giant Head, the duo chose to plant crocosmia on top. It's is a type of weed-like plant that flowers orange in spring and summer, making The Giant a redhead for the summer.

After the rootball rotted away after 15 years, The Giant had to be refreshed in 2012 when a steel frame was set in place. 

The other majestic sculpture is Mud Maid, which was originally planned as a sort of mermaid. 

However, plans changed after a member of the restoration team called her a Mud Maid. The gorgeous sculpture was formed around a timber frame created from leftover wood on the property. Straw, cement, and clay were then moulded around screening that was stapled to the frame to form her figure. Ivy covers her body while moss moves across her face for a stunning appearance.

What makes the sculptures more unique is their ability to change appearance based on the light and the season. These sculptures are two of many favourite attractions that symbolise the renewal that brought the Lost Gardens of Heligan back to life. 

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