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Date: 2018-10-16

From mysterious numbers coded by the worlds most famous artists of all time to an effective middle finger in a religious masterpiece, let's look at the top secret messages hidden in famous paintings.

For instance, just read about the first of ten right here:

The Hidden Hymn

One of the worlds most analysed paintings still hold secrets we are only now discovering. Painted between 1494 and 1498, Leonardo da Vinci's depiction of Jesus Christ's 'Last Supper' has even been the premise for Hollywood's The da Vinci Code, a fictional plot that revolved around the mysterious codes that are reportedly hidden in this very famous work.

In real life, Giovanni Maria Palla, a 45-year-old musician and computer technician in Italy, has uncovered a musical composition based on the placement of the loaves of bread, the position of Jesus and his posses hands in the picture. By superimposing the five lines of the musical staff over the painting, Giovanni was able to see a harmonic musical structure – other elements of the image gave him clues to the rhythm of the piece.

Giovani describes the music as sounding like a requiem, a solemn composition for the dead. A telling bit of evidence that da Vinci intended this secret code is that the music must be read from right to left, in just the same unique way that Leonardo wrote a mirror image for his secret diaries.

See the video below for more secret messages hidden in famous paintings.

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