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Loads of people have launched loads of objects on balloons, usually for publicity stunts, but they haven't been to the edge of space with food then, after it lands back on Earth, attempted to eat it.

Most standard organisations agree that space officially starts at the completely arbitrary Karman line, 100km up, however, weather balloons like the one in the video can only get about a third of the way there. They couldn't send the garlic bread into orbit because that requires tens of thousands of miles an hour of speed – hence why we use rockets for that.

It gets very cold on the way up then warmer as you approach just above the jet stream, then to around 0 degrees Celsius where the balloon will expectedly pop.

Why garlic bread? because apparently pizza has already been done before. It takes about two hours for the balloon to reach its furthest point at 35.8km up, at 4.5 degrees Celsius.

Watch the video below for the resulting taste test of garlic bread that has been to the edge of space.

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