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The festive season is fun. It’s one party after the other, lots of eating, hanging with friends and family, and the occasional drink or two.

Well, maybe it’s more than the occasional drink, but we’re "responsible adults", so we’re sticking to our original thought.

Anyway, back to the very important topic at hand. What happens if that one drink turns into a wild night of non-stop drinks and shooters? We all know how this story ends, and it’s painful.

That’s why we are so grateful for BuzzFeed Multiplayer’s list of Seven Meals That Could Cure Your Hangover.

Here’s our top three from their list:

  • If you’ve only got some snacks in your cupboard, get ready for a snack attack to get rid of the hangover blues.

    Salty crackers because the sodium helps the body to retain water; multi-vitamins as it replenishes key nutrients; water because of its ability to hydrate your body; and a banana.

    Bananas are known for their high potassium content and potassium balances the salt level in your blood.

  • If you can muster up the courage to get out of bed or off the couch and get a blender out of the cupboard, then this smoothie is your best bet to get rid of your hangover.

    Plain yoghurt provides cysteine that helps to prevent kidney and liver damage. Once again, a banana to the rescue because of its high potassium content. And last, but not least… add some strawberries to the blender.

    Strawberries provide a lot of vitamin C. Alcohol depletes the vitamins in your body and vitamin C is known for its flu-fighting powers while keeping your immune levels up.

  • This one might not sound like the tastiest out of the bunch but, apparently, it’s like liquid gold if you’ve got a hangover.

    Pickled juice is the liquid that accompanies anything that has been pickled. Whether it’s onions, gherkins or even peaches, drink the pickled juice like you did the alcohol that caused the hangover, and you could possibly see the light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

    Why? Pickled juice provides high levels of electrolytes to help you re-hydrate and get rid of that pesky little sheep in your mouth.

There you have it! For more ideas on what to eat to get rid of a hangover, watch the BuzzFeed Multiplayer video below.

Cheers to that!

Image credit: Cosmopolitan

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