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You know what it’s like, you’ve finally saved enough money (or guts) to buy an engagement ring for your girlfriend, you’re at the jewellery store, and Shaquille O’Neal walks in and pays on your behalf.

Wait… what?

That’s what happened to a man in Atlanta who went into a jewellery store to buy a ring for his girlfriend. It turns out, the former NBA legend has a heart even bigger than his stature.

Shaq overheard the guy asking how much money he still owes on the ring and how many monthly instalments he still has left, when he good-heartedly offered to settle the guy’s account for him right there and then.

At first the guy declined, but when a sports legend who’s over two metres tall insists on something, you play along.

When he was later asked why he did it, he said “the guy looked like a hardworking guy and he was young”. He later admitted that he didn’t want it to get out as it’s something he’s started doing for some time now. He just wants to “make people happy”.

Another customer in the same store recorded the good-hearted act as it happened.

Man, where’s Shaq when we’re out buying a new pair of shoes?

Watch the Entertainment Tonight video below to see how Shaq swooped in and made an engaged couple’s day.

Image credit: AL

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