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As we all know, pollution has become a severe problem around the world. One of the main contributors is plastic products, which eventually ends up in our beautiful oceans and becomes a hazard to our fish friends. 

Single-use plastics such as cutlery, balloons, plastic bags, and wrappers are terrible contributors to pollution. These small items are often swallowed by sea life, and their decay is slow. To explain how dangerous plastics can be, especially for our sea life, we have to look at statistics. A plastic straw can remain in the ocean for 200 years, while a plastic cup can last up to 450 years. 

To make a stand against pollution, the European Union has banned certain common single-use plastics. The ban will commence from 3 July 2021 to help combat this growing problem of polluting plastics.

The ban on single-use plastic was first proposed by the EU in 2018 and decided by EU leadership in 2019. It is called the Single-Use Plastics Directive. It is "tackling the 10 single-use plastic items most commonly found on Europe's beaches, and is promoting sustainable alternatives."

The ban is part of more extensive efforts to achieve a "Zero Waste Europe" and the vision of a circular economy. Places such as restaurants have been given the warning and informed that a switch to reusable or biodegradable options.

A couple of designers got together to display a future where single-use plastic will be a thing of the past. Designers Kai Linke and Peter Eckart collaborated with curator Thomas A. Geisler to construct an exhibit entitled Spoon Archaeology Exhibition. 

This exhibit is the German contribution to the London Design Biennale 2021 and hopes to examine the design's role in culture and waste. The designers have collected disposable, mass-produced cutlery in a variety of materials, shapes, and colours. These pieces are laid out as archaeological objects of study, much like a display you'd find in a Natural History Museum. 

In Europe, the plastic spoon has headed the way of the dinosaur.

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