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With just a small snack, a little boy managed to catch the attention of an unlikely friend. The little boy befriended what is probably the last animal you’d expect. 

As the boy approached the water with his snack, the amazing manta ray swam right up, hoping for a piece. The creature was clearly comfortable around humans because of that particular spot and the interactions that take place there. The little boy fed the amazing sea creature right out of his hand, and the manta ray allowed the boy to pat him like a dog. The boy remained calm as to not spook the manta ray.

People sometimes find sea creatures to be frightening due to the mystery they hold, yet there’s no denying how fascinating they are. This boy however showed no fear while trying to become friends with a giant manta ray. 

Many different stingray species have been swimming in the waters surrounding Spain’s Canary Islands for decades.

The exact spot where the boy playfully enjoyed the visit of the manta ray is a spot where steps descend into the water for the fishermen to throw back fish. Many sea creatures often approach there looking for an easy meal. In this case, the manta ray came upon the little brave boy who was eager to get an up-close and personal look.


This is surely something he’ll never forget! Check out the action here.

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