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This one-of-a-kind puzzle box is worth 20 grand. Solving it looks like more fun than skinny-dipping with your highschool crush.

Before we go on, there is a prequel to this video with Chris Ramsay where he had to solve another puzzle box which you can see here. In that video, "Future Chris" sent him a space-themed mystery box that he spent two hours on to finally open it.

In this instalment, the story goes, Chris receives another box from his grandfather, who has also met Future Chris. It's a cube that "is filled with insane riddles and things to solve and decode".

Not only are there cryptic symbols everywhere, but it also uses augmented reality to help decypher certain clues. There is a multitude of compartments to get open, each containing yet another puzzle, along with a magnetised chessboard on top.

These exclusive puzzle boxes are made by a company called Labsterium and cost $20,000 each. Every piece of the cube is extremely detailed, from the wood to the intricate patterns on the metal plaques. The sheer time it must take to conceptualise and then execute these creations is astounding.

Check out Chris' video below to see what it takes to solve this mystery puzzle box, and check out the end for another surprise... it's a good one!

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