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At first glance, Prancer is just your ordinary cute little Chihuahua up for adoption. He’s two-years-old, so he’s probably still going to be very playful and would love some cuddles… yeah, that’s not quite the situation we’ve got here.

A while ago, Prancer was named the worst dog in America. Not the best title out there, is it?

When Prancer was put up for adoption, his ad didn’t really sell him as the ideal family dog. But, then again, the ad was honest enough to catch the eye of his new owner.

His foster mom posted a very realistic idea of Prancer’s personality on social media with the hope that someone might fall in love with him. Even though she was brutally honest and said he was a “man-hating, children-hating, animal-hating, demonic, neurotic mess”, he still got adopted.

Inside Edition reports that Ariel Davis had been searching for a new dog for a few months. Because she had previously had a dog with behavioural issues, Prancer’s story resonated with her. And the rest is history.

During an interview, Ariel said that Prancer turned out to be a loveable, cuddle bug with no issues at all. We think we might have found the world’s best dog whisperer.

Watch the Inside Edition video below to get an idea of Prancer’s personality. After the adoption, the reporter had a chat with Prancer’s new owner and even though he loves his new home, he still hates reporters.

Image credit: USA Today

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