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Wondering what your spirit animal will be after one exchausting week at work, and being stuck in lockdown with no social contact? They say the grass is greener on the other side, so let's 'sheep' on going.  

What Sheep Phase are you this weekend? 

1. Are you in the lazy-and-just-letting-it-be phase?

After a busy, or maybe a quiet week, you are just in the mood for relaxing, staying in your pj's, and moving as little as you can – while binge watching your favorite series and maybe refreshing your tastebuds with all your best snacks.



2. The angry phase

You had a rough week and just need to blow off the steam that you have been keeping inside to not upset or maybe lash out at your boss. It's okay to be moody sometimes. Even if that means you are feeling angry the whole weekend and just want to let it out.


3. The screaming phase

Was this week, maybe this year, been rough on you and so unbelievably that you can't help it but to scream? It happens to the best of us.


4. The high energy level

Did this week empower you and give you the energy to catch up on various of activities this weekend? Do you have a overflow of energy and can't sit still anymore?


5. Fainter phase

Are you tired or maybe overwhelmed? Or just playing dead so that you can have that well deserved me-time? 


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