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Wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach witnessed an amazing site on an early morning.Gerlach witnessed a huge herd of wildebeest out grazing the savanna. Seeing over a 1 000 individual wildebeest, Gerlach couldn’t help but to capture the beautiful site of the herd eating their food.

After taking some amazing photos, and going through he pictures again, Gerlach realised that one animal in the massive crowd was not like the others. One Zebra was casually hanging out with the big herd of wildebeests.

With black and white stripes against a pale yellow savanna, zebras are probably the last animal most people would think of when it comes to blending in. However he proved everyone wrong. 

Can you spot her? Click on the picture to see the full-size image. 

Can you spot her now? It is not an uncommon occurrence for zebra to mingle with wildebeest. The two will animals will join in together for protection while grazing. For the zebra, hanging close to the wildebeests brings strength in numbers.  

Wildebeests also appreciates their striped friends. Zebras adds an extra layer of security to the herd with its incredible sharp vision. The bond between both species is so important, in fact, that they even migrate together.

Taking a quick look at the photo it is hard to spot the zebra. However if you take a look closely near the left side, and you’ll see a black and white tail peeking out among the crowd.

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