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People are odd, especially when it comes to food, so here are the strangest last meal requests from inmates on death row.

One has to wonder what goes on in the minds of these inmates when they realise that whatever they order will be the last food to cross their lips. Well, this list includes a lot of the usual suspects, such as pizza, burgers and KFC, but then some orders were rather strange.

For instance, in 1963, Victor Harry Feguer, 28, was sentenced to death by hanging after his conviction for a kidnapping murder. When asked to place his order for his final meal, he requested one green olive, including the pip. That's all.

After the hanging, the olive pip was found in Victor's pocket. It is thought that he wanted to be buried with it so that it would eventually sprout and grow into an olive bush. Ironic considering the Olive tree is a sign of peace.

The list below includes 19 other death row inmates with unusual food requests, with some famous names on the list. Take Timothy McVeigh, the US domestic terrorist who carried out the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. He killed 168 people and injured more than 680 others. His last meal? Two pints of mint chocolate chip ice-cream.

It makes you wonder what you would order... hmm... Anyway, click on the video below to find out about these dudes and others, courtesy of the YouTube channel, Be Amazed.

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