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Dedication and showing up is 80% of job success, and this little dog knows that better than anyone. 

The doggy, named Tucson, was previously a stray living on the streets of Brazil. Now, Tucson seems to have found his forever home, which also includes his dream job.

Staff at a local Hyundai dealership started noticing the lonely stray coming to visit on a daily basis. Tucson’s daily visits were more than welcomed by the staff. His visits were thought to be only short, but it became clear that the little four-legged friend didn’t have any where else to go as his daily visits turned into months. 

Slowly but surely, the precious furry friend charmed his way into the hearts of customers and staff. He even received some extra treats for his 5-star customer service.

However, his stay wasn’t permanent until one rainy evening in May when the showroom manager, Emerson Mariano, invited Tucson in for some food water, and shelter. Mariano then made the suggestion to the board to make Tucson an official part of the dealership family.  

With the dealership already being pet-friendly, and with Tucson winning the hearts of customers, it wasn’t a hard decision to make. Soon thereafter, Tuscan was hired, and became part of the Hyundai family. Tuscan was even rewarded with his very own ID badge, and has his way around the office, showing off his professional ties and sales skills.

You may wonder what his job title is. Well, he is a sales person, of course. His future as a Hyundai sales star is wide spread, as Brazilians may be seeing him on their television screens as the star in the next national campaign for Hyundai!

If fans want to see more of the new star in the making, people can visit his very own Instagram account.

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