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California-based creative Damon Belanger is known for his impressive deriving ideas and style of art. Belanger uses his creativity to dabbles in various of sorts of art from package design to culture-inspired paintings. 

However there is one thing that he enjoys above the rest, and that is playful street art projects that gives ordinary objects silly and surprising shadows. Belanger was commissioned to spice up the streets of downtown Redwood City, California, and bring some creativity to the streets and passersby. With his imagination and skills with a paint brush, Belanger created 20 imaginative public piece. 

He transformed the once ordinary street into a mystical wonderland by painting creative comical shadows on the sidewalk. The artist creates peculiar shadows coming from various of objects such as a public benches and bicycle racks.

Each shadow Belanger creates sparks new life into the overlooked objects. 

In Belanger’s creative artistic world, a mailbox is much more than just a container receiver paper, but is rather a smiling monster. A parking kiosk is transformed into a monkey on a pedestal, and a city map is revealed to be a robot.

But in order to create his masterpieces, he first Strats by chosing the object that will cast the “shadow.” Once he found the right object, he then starts to outline his drawing with chalk while strategically angling it in such a way that resembles a real cast shadow. Once he is pleased with his sketch, he uses dark grey paint to fill it in.  An everyday fixture that is mostly taken for granted and overlooked finally becomes a quirky character that will definitely make people look twice.

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