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There’s stubborn, and then there’s so stubborn that an international airport’s runway had to be built around your farm because you refuse to sell the land.

If you think your neighbours are stubborn because they won’t get rid of the tree that creates havoc with your pool, think again.

YouTuber, Be Amazed, listed the top 20 most stubborn homeowners who refused to move.

Remember the animated movie Up? It’s rumoured that Edith Macefield and her stubbornness to move was the inspiration for the movie. Edith refused to sell her house in Seattle, so the developer had to build the five-story commercial development around her tiny house.

She lived there for another two years before she died. Ironically enough, she left her house to the construction’s superintendent.

When construction started on Tokyo’s Narita Airport in the 1970s, the surrounding farms were bought by the developer.

Initial negotiations went south and meant that the airport had to open with just one runway. Eventually all the farms in the surrounding area was bought by the developer, except one.

Farmer, Takao Shito, had no interest in selling his farm so the runway had to curve around his farm. They also allowed him access to his farm through an underground tunnel.

When the land surrounding a North Carolina bar was sold to a construction conglomerate, the owner of The Thirsty Beaver refused to sell his bar, no matter what they were offered him in exchange for the land.

George Salem argued that the saloon was part of his family for generations and he wasn’t going to sell all of that heritage. So, the apartment blocks were erected all around the bar, but the bar remains exactly where it was built and, to this day, it still serves its regulars.

Watch the Be Amazed video below for more on the most stubborn homeowners in the world.

Image credit: CNBC, South China Morning Post and Grassroots Motorsports

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