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A student, D'Kodia Laine, 23, struggled with directions for years. Now, she has finally found a permanent solution.

Growing up, the communications student got herself into several situations as she found it difficult to navigate. "My friends would joke about how silly it looks having an adult make the L shape with your hands to differentiate."

However, it became a serious problem for D'Kodia when she instructed a driver to take "a few wrong turns".

Because she found directions sometimes quite tricky, she decided to get a tattoo to avoid it from happening again. 

She then decided to visit tattoo artist Lauren Winzer at Hunter & Fox, a studio not far from Sydney, Australia. D'Kodia tattooed the first letter of the directions, left and right, on her respective hands. She also claims to have had funny reactions from her friends.

She added that; "I just got a lot of laughing back and [messages] like 'oh you were being serious!'"

Not only do her friends support her, but even her boyfriend is delighted. Now she won't struggle to tell her left from her right anymore.

The idea for the tattoos started out as a joke with her friends. They suggested that she should get L and R tattooed on her hands.

Photos of D'Kodia has been shared on the tattoo artist's Instagram account, with over 219,000 followers. One social media user commented; "I love this! I definitely need to do this myself." Another tagging in his friends and said; "Have I not said I wanted this done?"

Viewers applauded D'Kodia for getting the directions marked on her hands, with many fans claiming it was what they also needed to do.


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