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Date: 2018-09-21

Swaggy Wolfdog is attacked by a rival dog in Beverly Hills.

Swagrman arrived with his dog, Swaggy Wolfdog, the husky, at what seems to be Guiseppe Franco Salon in Beverly Hills on Thursday (10/09/18) for a photoshoot with Kristen Hancher. However, as soon as Swagrman was about to walk into the salon, witnesses say a dog who was tied to a bench outside the salon attempt to attack the husky. 

Swagrman intervened and describes his efforts to break up the fight by picking up his dog, however, the other dog ripped his right jean leg and nipped Swagrman on the leg in the heat of the moment.

As soon as paparazzi and people started to crowd they asked Swagrman if he was going to press charges or call the ambulance, he calmly responded that he loves dogs and doesn't want anything to happen to the dog who attacked. Swagrman simply said its part of their nature where they will occasionally fight for dominance. A lady came outside the salon shortly afterwards to help Swagrman attend to his wound and not long after Kristen arrived to find Swagrman sitting on the outside bench where they met and walked out to the car together.

Paparazzi asked Swagrman as he was getting into the car what advice would he give for this type of situation and he replied "If you ever get attacked by a dog, don't call the ambulance, because if you call the ambulance the animal control will come and take the dog away".

"Train the dog," Swagrman said, noting that this advice comes from a past experience with his previous dog who attacked someone and had to be put down.

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