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The love of a parent knows now boundaries when it comes to protecting your children and for many love can be a great motivator to conquer anything. For Daniel Kabluciak, that motivator was his son. His love for his son was the push he needed to lose an incredible 79 pounds. The stakes for his weight loss were high; If Kabluciak could shed those extra pounds, he might have a chance to give his son a more normal teenage life. 

The weight loss meant his father could be an organ donor for 16-year-old Hunter, who was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease in 2020.  10 tablets daily. The effects "stealed his energy" compared to the average teenager. The new kidney will change Hunter's life. Daniel was an excellent donor candidate, but his weight was an issue. He had to be under 200 pounds, but he weighed 274.

Daniel decided to become a donor and took action. He began focusing on his diet and exercise. This included reducing sugar intake and walking at least three miles a day or going to the gym. "I was determined.

I really love him, and I put my mind to it, 'I'm going to do this,' and I made a decision to do it," he said. It took about 13 months to lose the weight required for organ donation, but Daniel succeeded. He now weighs 195 pounds and the transplant is scheduled for June 2023. The father is not nervous about the procedure; rather, he's happy for Hunter. "His spirit is up, his energy is up and I can see a glow on his face like some kind of relief or something," Daniel said.

Daniel is determined to maintain his health after losing weight. While the donation was a motivator, there were other benefits to his thinner frame. He played hockey with Hunter last winter. That was something he couldn't do a year ago due to the pressure the extra weight was putting on his knee. 

Daniel hopes his story can be a motivating force for those who want to change their lives but are unable to.

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