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What was thought to be another normal day turned out somewhat unexpected for Kayla who was working an apartment building's leasing office in Corpus Christi, Texas, when a coworker rushed in to tell her about the abandoned cat.

Outside the apartment building an adorable cat lay quietly on a fuzzy grey bed with a note  taped to some mailboxes pleading for help. And off course being a volunteer with Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, and her love for animals. Lindsay Haglund, a board member of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue explained, “Kayla ran out with her coworker to see what was going on, and what she found was not exactly what she was expecting. There was a mama cat laying in a bed and she had a towel draped over her. So Kayla lifted the towel to see if the mama cat was hurt, and she discovered three tiny newborn kittens.”

“They could tell that the mama cat was still in distress, and realised that she was in the middle of giving birth.”

Kayla helped the poor mother cat deliver her fourth baby safely. Kayla called her mom and the rescue to see if they could help, which her mother immediately agreed to take the mother cat now named BonBon, and her four sweet kittens in.

The rescue wrote, “They are growing up so quickly! Bonbon has been an amazing mama cat to her little ones and they are all thriving in foster care. The babies are starting to play and wrestle with each other. But their favourite activity is still eating … and Mama Bonbon is providing enough sweet treats to keep everyone growing and healthy!”

Haglund further added, “The mama cat is very sweet and very friendly. You could almost tell that she was very appreciative. She purrs and makes kitty biscuits and loves her foster mom, and she’s going to be easily adoptable when it’s time to find her a home.”

BonBon found the perfect people to help her in when she was in need, and she shows just how much she appreciates it every single day. Once BonBon’s babies are old enough, the rescue will transfer the family to a local no-kill shelter where they will begin their search for a forever home. “We don’t know who did this to her or why they did it, but they must’ve been desperate,” Haglund said.

“Our rescue is lucky that we could get involved and take over her care and give her a safe place to nurse her babies indoors.”

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