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Animals can feel the presence of a kind heart and soul. And knowing that it’s hard to pass on someone who has a kind heart and a love for animal. Other than material possessions that one can give as a great gift, people also have love and warmth they can provide to one another that means much more. And for our furry friends, love and attention is all they need and want. 

Just ask the adorable dog named Mimi who never turns away from a friendly face and a kind heart. Mimi who lives in Brazil with her owner, Edna Kobori made a new unique friend along the way. The sweet dog formed an adorable routine and connection with a man who, in the eyes of some, has very little to offer. The homeless man and Mimi formed a very special bond and both are overjoyed when they see each other. 

The homeless man, Sebastião makes his way to Mimi every day to stop and deliver joy and to Mimi. Kobori said, “Mr. Sebastião, a homeless man, can’t pass by my street without talking to Mimi. She knows who loves animals.”

Watch one of the two adorable and lovable encounter here: https://www.facebook.com/100001197526307/videos/347203787157703/

It is still unclear to Kobori to when exactly Mimi and Sebastião's sweet routine began. However it is clear that these loving little visits are something both look forward to. 

It is clear that the only thing Sebastião can offer, which is love and kindness is more than enough for little Mimi. And the love that Mimi brings into Sebastião’s life is more to him than any other present.

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