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Dude Perfect delivers yet another hilarious parody, this time it's swimming pool stereotypes!

YouTube legends, Dude Perfect, have delivered another episode in the Stereotypes series. This one's call Swimming Pool Stereotypes and it's hilarious.

We all know these stereotypes, we've seen them many times. From Forgetful Frank who jumps into the pool with his phone and wallet, to those whose 'casual' game of basketball turns into a slugfest.

Then we have the chaps who spend too long in the sun and end up with the weirdest tans or that guy who's overly temperature sensitive. And let's not even get on to Captain SPF 2000... Regardless of the stereotype, there's one in here for everyone, it's a gas!

As the Northern Hemisphere's summer slowly subsides on 2020, and when lockdown may have prevented you from being exposed to these swimming pool crazies, here's Dude Perfect to make it all better with laughter.

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