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What is the biggest rabbit you have ever seen in your life? Maybe 30cm’s or so? Well, if you are a bunny lover then you would absolutely love adorable Flemish Giant rabbit named Guus. Guys is two and a half years old and lives with his mom in  Amsterdam. The Flemish Giant is the world's largest breed of domestic rabbit weighing more than 22 pounds. But, that is not all that is unique to the fluffy giant. According to his mom Danielle, his behaviour "is very similar to a dog, which was unexpected."

He enjoys going for walks around the block on a leash, he loves chasing cats, he goes to the door when he’s ready to go outside, and he doesn’t particularly like the food that other rabbits enjoy. His 

favourite activities include playing fetch and cuddling.

“The behaviour of him is very similar to a dog which was like unexpected and he knows her the door is to go to the garden. He always jumps up to the door and tries to open it. …Rabbits love banana or like strawberry and Guus is actually scared of a banana. When you put a piece of banana in front of his mouth and he’s like smelling and he’s just like pulling back. … It’s funny to see what’s “normal”, when all the bunnies go left, he goes right straight away.”

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