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A tiny Shetland pony named Pumuckel is the smallest pony in the world and only measures 50 centimetres. Little Pumuckel is for sure one of the cutest ponies in the world. Even though Pumuckel might be the smallest pony in the world, his official recognition by the Guinness World Records has been delayed until he reaches the age of four.

“Pumuckel the Shetland pony is only 50 centimetres tall and weighs just 35 kilos. According to the UK’s Shetland Pony Club, a small Shetland pony should weigh around 264lb (120kg). Pumuckel’s owner Carola hopes he will be officially named the world’s smallest pony in the Guinness Book of World Records. But she will have to wait until he is four years old to find out if he’s the mane event.” While he’s waiting for his record, Pumuckel acts as a therapy animal, spreading joy to those in hospital and living in retirement homes.

Who wouldn’t love being cheered up by the cutest and tiniest little pony?

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