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In the current global pandemic, it’s sometimes hard to see the good and peace in the heartbreaking situation especially with various of counties closing their borders. 

However in the current global conflicts and the push for tightened borders, the Netherlands-based photographer Valerio Vincenzo is using his skills and art to shine more light on a more hopeful, inspiring aspect of society through his project titled Borderline, the Frontiers of Peace

Following the signing of the Schengen Agreement in Europe, Vincenzo’s series explores the radical changes that have occurred over that decade. The Schengen Agreement  contract allowed several borders between participating countries to essentially be erased. It now symbolises a giant step towards the progressive unification of Europe through the perpetuation of open, peaceful borderlines. Now known as the Schengen Area, this is an area comprised of 26 European countries who has all agreed to abolish passports and border control at their shared borders. 

After the agreement, over 16,500 km of borders between neighboring nations have become free to explore. 

That is how Vincenzo was able to bring the peace of the peaceful boarders to light. Armed with a GPS and detailed maps, Vincenzo travelled along these erased borderlines to capture the uniqueness but also showcase “the essence of these now-peaceful crossings” and dismantle the stereotypical idea of what a border looks like. 

Not only did Vincenzo shine some light on what peacefulness looks like, but he also posed a fundamental question in his collection: What is a border anyway? The world has been knocked hard by the global pandemic but we can only fight it if we all work together. 

Should more countries take away the harsh borders, or are borders to a countries benefit? Take a look at some more peaceful borders down below, where every country is free.

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