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When you're late, one of the worst things that could happen is when you hit traffic, especially people walking or waiting in line.

Getting out of a train on your way to work or hopping from one train to another can turn into a disaster if you don't make it on time.

A train station in Chongqing, China, has erected an almost 10-metre-high slide to help commuters that want to get out of the station faster. The slide connects the third floor of the station to the street.

Of course, there are other more traditional ways, like taking the stairs or one of the lifts, but if you're in a rush and are up for a bit of fun, why not?

Is it worth it? One commuter said by taking the stairs o the lift usually takes him about three minutes.

It's not long at all, but if you compare it to the five seconds it takes you with the slide, it makes a big difference.

As with most things, there are terms and conditions if you want to use the slide. One of them is your weight as you can't weigh more than 50 kilograms. What better reason to get rid of those unwanted kilograms than a slide?

Watch the South China Morning Post video below to see how the slide can take commuters from the third to the ground floor in five seconds flat.

Image credit: South China Morning Post

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