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A wine that you can actually buy that originated from a cult... but is it good?

Aria, a presenter from the digital company, BuzzFeed, released a video on their YouTube channel about buying a unique bottle of wine. This, in itself, doesn't seem out of the ordinary at all, however, the origins of this wine began with a spine-chilling cult!

According to the San Francisco Chronical and LA Times, this wine was produced by an organisation called The Fellowship Of Friends, a religious group which some of its ex-members referred to as a "cult". The most successful endeavour and biggest claim to fame by The Fellowship Of Friends was a winery called The Rennesance Vineyard And Winery. According to reviews, it produced some of the most spectacular wines to come out of California, being the wine capital of the United States, until it shut down in 2015.

Back at the BuzzFeeds office, Aria got his colleagues to test the wine out. But, without knowing the history of the wine brand, they were more concerned about being pranked than anything else. When they found out about the cult aspect, however, they were a little more sceptical.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, BuzzFeedVideo, on Wine Made By A Cult.

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