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Teenage artist Kristián Mensa has an incredible talent to see the potential in everyday objects and what they can be. 

Mensa has the talent to see that a pear is not only a piece of fruit but makes the shape of a small bird. Each everyday object forms part of unique drawings for example a toilet paper roll doubles as a miniaturised red carpet for tiny celebrities. 

In his creative eye, Mensa sees an avocado cut in half as two mouse ears, paintbrushes as grass and a spoon as a frog. 

Mensa carefully and creatively pairs these everyday items with minimalist drawings that incorporate the 3D elements among bold lines. These creations definitely reflects Mensa’s uplifting way of looking at the world.

“Since I was a little kid. I’ve been always trying to look at things from a different perspective.” The perceptive young artist has proven that there are much more to everyday home items. Throughout his drawings and creations Mensa has realised that even the most ordinary of objects can be transformed into something unique.

 “Try to look around when on your way to school or work and you’ll be surprised how many things around us can represent something completely different!”

Check out some more clever illustrations by the young artist down below.

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