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We all know TV product Advertisements are extremely over exaggerated, and that's why it's a trending topic for people who have the time to test 'as seen on TV' products to announce the legitimacy of these sometimes crazy products.

Rachel Ballinger, who is one of the YouTubers who regularly buys as seen on TV products off of Amazon to test on their Youtube channels, posts the results and they can be quite hilarious.

In the past, Rachel has tested a lot of products, so I will list them below (in no particular order) with the end result of success – 'Yes' or fail – 'No', according to her experience with the TV product.

Hands-free jar opener – Yes, if you really struggling.

Dream Tents
(The tent that turns your bed into a magical dream world) – Yes, if you are a kid who has to share a room with a sibling'.

Booty Max
 – Yes, the resistance band helps with toning.

Better Sponge
 – No, the same effect as any normal sponge.

The Sleep Styler
 – Absolutely Not, unless you like sleeping with a bunch of big polystyrene rolls in your hair.

Idea Works Non-spill cup holder – No, it can easily be bumped over.

Battery powered lighter – It works so Yes.

Powerball exercise gadget – No, a can of beans can do the same job.

uCool – No, a spritzer bottle of water will have the same effect, you will get wet.

5 Minute Mani – No, Just massage coconut oil on your fingernails for the same result.

EZ Bowmaker – Yes it works.

Egglettees – Yes.

Bottle Top (Turn your drink can into a bottle) – Yes, this is quite a genius invention.

The perfect tongue cleaner – No, WTF, just use a toothbrush.

3-second lashes – No, rather use normal fake lashes.

Sticky Buddy (fur remover that can be rinsed and reused) – No, not very effective.

Floating Comfort (a pillow you can fill with water) – Yes, if you like waterbeds.

Miracle Teeth (Activated charcoal toothpaste) – No, it's very messy and leaves your teeth feeling very sensitive.

Samurai 360 (rotating knife) – No, it will cut you.

Touch Up Paint Pen – Yes, but you could just use a small paint brush.

Smart Swap (earwax cleaner) – No, just use an earbud.

Engrave it (engraver pen) – Yes, very useful.

Pro Glass (Screen protector) – Yes.

You can see Rachel's latest Testing as seen on TV products Youtube video here:

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