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People steal things of value all the time, but there's a difference between robbing a jewellery store and flying off into the distance with someone else's aeroplane. Here's a list of some of the biggest things ever stolen.

Some of you might have stolen sweets from the corner store on a dare or borrowed your sibling's sweater and never returned it. But that's probably as far as your criminal efforts ever went.

For a few humans, that's not enough. Every day there's theft of all kinds around the world. From bank robberies to corporate fraud, art heists and car theft, anything worth stealing is a target.

But what happens when thieves aim higher? Well, that's when some truly audacious crimes happen. For example, on 25 May 2003, an entire Boeing 727 aircraft vanished from the runway, never to be seen again. It happened at the Aeroporto Internacional 4 De Fevereiro Airport in Luanda, Angola. Two me were seen boarding the aircraft, American pilot and flight engineer, Ben Padilla, and a mechanic from the Congo named John Mutantu.

Shortly afterwards, the plane made its way to the runway with its lights off. It then took off without any communication with air-traffic control and disappeared forever. The authorities searched everywhere but, to this day, the plane has never been tracked down.

In the video below by YouTubers, Be Amazed, they cover this and nine other stories of the biggest things ever stolen. From an enormous dinosaur skeleton to thousands of barrels of maple syrup, an 800-year-old cedar tree, a 3,000lbs monks bell and even the top of a mountain, nothing is too big for these crafty thieves.

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