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Jeremy Clarkson isn’t your average car enthusiast. He’s also not your average guy down at the pub. So, DriveTribe got the two together and did a Q&A session with him about, well, what else? Cars, of course!

From using your hazards to avoid paying for traffic (pro tip!), to why farming is his new passion… Clarkson revealed it all.

In between presenting The Grand Tour, he also owns land in Oxfordshire, England, where he’s planning to start farming seriously. He’s also opened up a farm shop where customers can buy locally produced products.

What does the guy who knows everything about every single car in the world drive? A Range Rover and an Alfa Romeo GTV6. He also added that he will never ever buy an electric car, unlike his former Top Gear presenter, James May, who recently bought a Tesla.

So, is there a car that Clarkson regrets buying? No, definitely not. He’s never bought a car he didn’t like.

But, there is a car that he regrets selling the most: A BMW 3-litre CSL for “next to nothing”. In fact, he referred to the selling of the car as “absolutely idiotic”.

Watch the DriveTribe video below for more on the car Jeremy Clarkson regrets selling the most, and other fun facts about him and his new life as a farmer.

Image credit: Express & Star

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