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Yes, important matters were discussed between important people regarding an important election, but it was completely overshadowed by a fly.

To be more precise – a black fly on Mike Pence’s grey hair. People lost their minds over it and it was hilarious.

Back to the why… The vice presidential debate between the current vice president, Mike Pence, and the Democratic nominee, Kamala Harris, took place two days ago. While both of them were seriously discussing the matter at hand and did their best to convince viewers that the other party was bad, a fly went ahead and rested for a few seconds on Pence’s hair.

Everyone noticed it, but the Democrats went wild.

Fierce Democrat celebs like Stephen King, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Sarah Jessica Parker were quick to share their thoughts on Twitter.

Even Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential hopeful got a good laugh in. He tweeted a photo of himself holding a fly swatter and captioned it, "Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly."

Luckily the fly took some attention away from Pence’s red eye. The reaction to his bloodshot eye came after his running partner, president Donald Trump, tested positive for COVID-19, but Pence’s results came back negative.

Viewers were quick to mention that red eyes are a sign of having the Coronavirus and that he is still contagious.

Whatever your thoughts are, at least there’s something to laugh at during this election.

Watch the Daily Show’s video below for Trevor Noah’s take on the debate and THAT fly on Pence’s head.

Image credits: Twitter and CNN

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