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We all know the type, the person who is just interested in finding someone rich to hook up with, the gold digger. In this test, we find out if he will cheat on her for someone with money.

It's all about the bucks, right? Well, for gold diggers that is. They're not particularly interested in much more than finding someone with money so they can live the good life. Most of the time, they have nothing more to contribute to a relationship that the physical bits, relying on their looks to get them noticed.

In this gold digger test, hosted by Youtuber, UDY, a young lady named Catalina wants to find out how loyal her boyfriend, Jacob, is. To do this, UDY and his team set up a fake game show, hosted by a lovely lady named Nikki.

Nikki is pretending to be wealthy, with a ton of prizes worth thousands of dollars that the contestants can win. To convince Jacob that she is rich, she even shows him an Audi R8 supercar that she was going to give away as a prize but decided to keep for herself.

The premise is that Catalina and Jacob will play the game and then Cat will leave early to go to a doctor's appointment. Once she's left, Nikki will do a final interview with Jacob and then ask him on a date.

Unbeknown to Jacob, Catalina will actually be in another room watching his interview to see how things unfold. Will he be loyal to her, or will he get out that spade and dig for gold with Nikki? To find out if Jacob is a gold digger, you'll have to smash the play button on the video below.

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