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Meet the people with vastly different obsessions but the largest collections on Earth.

For the past 20 years, a lady by the name of Elizabeth Sweetheart has dressed head to toe in different colour greens, also called 'The Green Lady', she's also known in her area of Brooklyn for her totally Green approach to life. Besides her green clothes, Elizabeth's townhouse on Nelson Street has her back door, front door and staircase painted green to match much of the interior of her home. The kitchen is kitted with a green rug, utensils, cutting boards, saucepans and even Ms Sweetheart’s coffee cup, oatmeal carton, vitamin pill case and the sponges in the sink were all green and you can guess that the rest of her home was the same!

Another famous collector, or should I say collectors are an elderly couple who have been travelling the world together collecting insects, what started as a love story turned into a bug story. In the home of Charles and Lois O'Brien's in Arizona, two rooms are dedicated to the millions of insects housed in wooden boxes with glass tops, the collection is estimated at $10m and the couple who are both octogenarians announced that they would donate their collection which is one of the worlds largest private holdings to Arizona State University.

See the video below for more large fascinating collections.

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