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Socotra is a small island that lies off the coast of Yemen and is surrounded by blue waters in the Indian Ocean. The remote area, 220 miles from the mainland, is home to a variety of unusual plants and animals; in fact, 30 % of the plant life there is exclusive to this area. Its moniker, "the most alien-looking place on Earth," is well-deserved.

Three distinct geographical regions can be found in Socotra, a UNESCO-designated World Natural Heritage Site: the Haghier Mountains, a limestone plateau with caves, and coastal plains. With just 83 miles of length and 28 miles of north to south, it's a surprisingly diverse location. There is little rainfall, which explains unusual plant species like the dragon's blood tree, which has an umbrella-shaped top and red sap, as well as enormous cucumber and succulent trees. 

Socotra is home to endemic fauna in addition to its abundant flora. Over 90% of the reptiles on the island are unique, including legless lizards and the island is home to several bird species that are unique to this place. The only mammals that are native to Socotra are bats, though feral cats from elsewhere have made their way to this bizarre and amazing place.

Even though you can travel to Socotra, it's best suited for people who don't mind living off the grid. There isn't much in the way of public transportation and the infrastructure is limited, but you can still ride a motorbike tour or choose from an environmentally friendly bicycle alternative to explore this fascinating country.

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