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Lloyd Martin, 19, is the youngest person with Down syndrome to finish a marathon, making history in the process. With his mother by his side, the inspirational teenager finished the 2024 London Marathon with a smile on his face. Martin, who had a hole in his heart from birth, is used to conquering hardship. The young marathoner was determined to reach this goal, even after undergoing surgery to remove two pins from his knees.

Ceri Hooper, Martin's mother, supported him during his training. Together, the two would run three times a week, gaining one mile at a time, according to the proud mother. Martin also had a complete dedication to the demanding training program. 

In a Special Olympics article, Hooper narrates, "He hasn't skipped a training session and has been out there running in every condition possible, whether it's been pouring rain or bitterly cold. With a month left, he has already covered 17 miles and is in excellent shape, ready to add even more.

Martin and his mother had a special chance to spend quality time together while working out during the training. It's clear that the young runner is eager to train and reach this new objective. In addition to long distance running, the Surrey native excels in gymnastics and soccer. He even won a gold medal in the vaulting competition at the British Disability Championships in 2023.

For this mother-son team, crossing the finish line was now a very emotional occasion. Martin's time of 6:46:10 established a new Guinness World Record. The record breaker hugged his mother and accepted a medal after finishing. This significant accomplishment has been the result of months of training. Martin went to Leicester Square with his mother not long after obtaining this title. The inspirational marathoner was shown a surprise—an advertisement board featuring the athlete's picture. "Congratulations, Lloyd!" is written on the board, recognising that he is the youngest person with Down syndrome to finish a marathon. 

The athlete's face beams with joy as he strikes a pose in front of the billboard, as captured on camera during the moment of the big reveal. According to Martin, this accomplishment shows that "anything is possible." This sentiment aptly captures the happiness that the marathon runner and his mother have experienced on this journey.

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