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Date: 2018-11-24

How is a three ingredient cheese so expensive? Basically, the cheese is impossible to be made anywhere else in the world except for one small specific area in northern Italy.

Turns out, it's all about good tree bacteria that only grows in this specific area, this good bacteria goes into the cow's food and into the milk they provide for the parmesan cheese.

Nicola Bertinelli, president of Parmigiano Reggiano, explains, "The target of the entire production is that of maintaining these bacteria alive, transferring them from the grass to the hay, to cows and therefore to have the same bacteria in the milk. Once the milk is at the dairy, the purpose is that of preserving the bacteria inside a wheel of Parmigiano because these bacteria will ferment the milk components in order to achieve those characteristics of aroma, flavour and taste that we find in Parmigiano Reggiano."

Watch the fascinating video below about how and why the Parmigiano Reggiano industry is what it is today.

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