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Rules are rules, as they say, but some games are played on a different pitch. For example, here are the strict rules Margot Robbie had to follow to bring Harley Quinn to life.

DC Comic's supervillain, Harley Quinn, was brought to life by the talented and beautiful Margot Robbie. But, it wasn't as simple as showing up for filming, Robbie had a strict set of rules she had to follow.

For instance, acting across from method actor, Jay Leno, came with its own challenges. Leno insisted that there would be no rehearsals so that their interactions would be genuine and allow their characters to evolve together.

Another strict rule was to transfer Harley Quinn's voice from the iconic Batman: The Animated Series, and deliver her lines with vigour and believability. 

She also had to follow a strict diet and exercise regime to get into shape. Which meant fewer burgers and fries and more carrot sticks and cardio work. She also used ballet and trapeze training to tone her muscles.

Another absolute must-have for 2016's Suicide Squad was her iconic outfit, with those tight shorts that barely pass as underwear. Something she wasn't too happy about but, because she was committed to the role, wore with confidence.

There were many other strict rules to follow, some of which have been eased after her stunning performance. They also influenced her follow-up film, Birds of Prey, and gave her a platform to land other high-profile roles in other movies.

To find out more about these and other strict rules Margot Robbie had to follow to bring Harley Quinn to life, then smash that play button below. Boy, did Robbie work hard at this role!

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