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Sometimes we need extra space, or a place to hide things, these ingeniously hidden rooms and secret furniture may give you a solution to your problem.

With the move towards downsizing, whether it be for financial reasons or because people choose to, space is often a problem. That's where talented industrial designers come in.

Items like a dining room table and chairs, hidden in the floor of the lounge, open up a generous amount of space when they're not needed. And what about unsightly recycling bins in your garden? Well, those are dealt with in a similar fashion, dropping into the ground and out of sight.

Then, there are those of us who need a safe to secure valuable items. Enter the safe room, hidden behind a large metal door that acts as a cupboard when closed. The space is big enough to walk in and is the perfect place for a gun collector to safely store his weapons.
Another ingenious solution for smaller items, such as passports and jewellery, are the bookshelves with a decorative floor that pops down. These come with their own mobile app to operate.

There are also home office solutions, with a set of drawers that fold out to form a desk, while the chair slides out too. Another novel space-saver is the three-in-one roller door. It's a concertina, and you turn handles that rolls open the rooms, from the kitchen to the office and spare bedroom.

For those who believe the apocalypse is imminent, there are the underground bomb shelters, with their own air filtering and circulation system. These often look like homes inside, with bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen and bathroom. They also usually have tons of storage space beneath the floor for stockpiled food and other necessities.

And, speaking of necessity, some people build wine cellars below the floor. Notable creations are the spiral staircase with bottles stored in the circle space around the stairs. Another is the island counter that slides forward to reveal a stairway to wine heaven.

The guys at Great Idea made the video below of all of these hidden rooms and secret furniture that are ingenious. Enjoy the show!

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